Lune Rouge

Welcome to the grimoires of the Lune Rouge

This site is the showcase for the activities of Lune Rouge,
a non-profit association for audio and video creations.

We created a Science Fiction feature film: Terminal Damage

We create or take part in several short films like: Le Phenix, L’écran bleu de la mort 1, L’écran bleu de la mort 2, L’écran bleu de la mort 3 : Pcdator, L’écran bleu de la mort 5 : Pcdator café.

Our next films: L’écran bleu de la mort 4 : Ka raté, Gare à toi, Black Magic Party.

Our Free softwares: Copyrightleft, NewName, TextStat.

All help is welcome: Help us !

On the front page :

Why we need to pay people to create free knowledge

Talk at Wikimania 2014

Aurore la sirène (Aurore the mermaid)

Creations from Aurore la sirène (Aurore the mermaid).


Creations by Bruno LEDUC.


Creations by Mario BROUTIN.

DURET Thierry

Illustrations by Thierry DURET.


Creations from Denys Neumann.


Creations from Sacha FEINER.


Creations from Chouf.

BLAY Ludovic

Creations from Ludovic BLAY.


Creations from Michel BORDERIE.

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