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Blue Screen of Death 1

By: Lionel Allorge

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Blue Screen of Death
by Lionel Allorge

The idea:

This video clip is the beginning of a serie of short clips showing PC users getting into troubles because of the Blue Screen of Death. The goal is to promote Free Software.

Blue Screen Of Death 1
by Lionel Allorge :

The clip:

The final version is in Real format (1 235 kb) : BSOD01.rm

The original video that inspired this one: and blue screens of death around the world:

The sequels:

Are done: Blue Screen of Death 2

Shooting :

The shooting took place sunday, february the 2nd in Evry, France with the help of the Vidéon team.

The shooting did last 4 hours and was very nice with everyone in good mood especially the actors: Martin and Cyril Conforti. Thanks everybody !

Copyright © Lionel Allorge.

PS: This clip is inspired by this one:

stop software patents
Say NO to software patents!

The European Union is considering software patents in Europe. This is a danger for software authors and software companies who do not use and do not need the patent system to innovate. They must be protected from owners of dubious granted patents.

Please sign the Petition to stop software patents in Europe.

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