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CopyRightLeft 0.4 Beta

A Free program by Lionel Allorge

By: Lionel Allorge

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CopyRightLeft is an image manipulation program oriented toward creating Internet image files.
This program will help you add a copyright bar on or under a picture.
There is a batch mode to process several files at once.
It can also create a list of the selected images in an HTML file.

crl1_e.jpg crl2_e.jpg

You can download the program (binaries) here for Windows95/98/NT and above (799 kb):

You can download the sources here (56 kb):


Processing one image file:

You can open a picture, add the copyright and save it (eventually under another name).

Using the "Open image" menu, under Windows 95/98/NT and above, you can read picture files of type :
Using the "Add copyright" menu, you can add the copyright and check in the window if the result is OK

And using the "Save image" menu, you can write picture files of type :
BMP, JPEG, PCX, PNG, PNM, TGA and TIFF. You cannot save as GIF.

Using the "Options" menu, you can select the background and foreground color of the copyright bar, the type and size of the font, the size of the bar in pixels.
You can add a shadow and a glow under the text.
A button let you add easily special caracters like the Copyright : .

You can also justify the text horizontally and vertically.

Processing several files:

First, you set the image option as above. Then, using the "Batch" menu, you can also process several files at once.

You can select some files, a whole directory, or select a list of pictures in a text file, one file name on each line of text.

Using the "Batch options" menu, you can use a part of the name of the file to add in the copyright :

Example : if your files are named "picture x by lionel allorge.jpg"
you can put in "Start after :" the string "by" and in "End before :" the string "."
Using the "Options" menu, you set the copyright to be : "Copyright # 2002"

For each file, it will be replaced by : "Copyright lionel allorge 2002"
This way, you can change the copyright depending on the name of the file processed.

You can also force all the files to be saved using one type of picture file, even if the files have different types to begin with.
For example, you could force all the files to be saved as JPEG for the Web.

You can also force a size for the image. The size of the image will be modified to maintain aspect ratio.

Creating a HTML file:

You can create a list or a table of the selected images with links to the images into an Internet HTML file.
You can then edit or paste this list into your HTML files and put that on your Web site.

Use command line:

You can use the command line to control the batch processing.

Usage: CopyRightLeft 0.4 Beta [/v] [/q] [/h] [/c <str>] [/o <str>] [/t

<str>] [/e <str>] [/l <str>] [/s <num>] [input file...]

/v —verbose be verbose
/q —quiet be quiet
/h —help give help
/c —copyright=<str> text of copyright
/o —output=<str> name of the output image file
/t —html=<str> name of the output HTML file
/e —errors=<str> name of the errors file
/l —list=<str> name of the list of image files
/s —size=<num> force size of the image

Known bugs:

The glow is not following the text if the text is rotated.


Version 0.4: Redone all the dialog boxes. Added the creation of a list or a table of images in HTML. Added command line processing. Added glow. Added forced size.

Version 0.2: Added copyright on the image. Added shadows. Added installation setup. Added Targa file support.

Version 0.1: First public release.


This program is released under the GNU GPL :

The installation program was made with a great tool: Inno Setup 1.3

Currently, the program works in English or French. If you want to translate it in another language, please send me a email:

Please report any comment or bug to :

Lionel Allorge :

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