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Creations from Dusan PETROVIC:

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Dusan Petrovic was born in 1970. He lives in Belgrade. He has been painting since January 1994.

The paintings are executed by hand and brush only -oil on canvas. The experiences shown o these paintings separate Dusan from the resto of his contemporaries not only in Serbia but the whole world.


By my knowledge there are three channels for communication with Pleiads: Contact with ships, Astral journeys with a guide and regresion therapy. My initial experience dates back to 1994. A strong light would awake me and a few days later a transparent crystal like disk ould appear. My mind would be filled with images that I needed to turn into paintings. Three or four times a month I received these images and would then start painting. My first visual contact with a ship was near Avala mountain close to Belgrade. I was standing on a clearing when three disks of a 20 meter radius, metallic and silver in appearance floated for a minute and then disappeared. They did not fly away but literally disappeared.

My second contact was beginning of September 1996 also near Avala. I had a feeling for days that made me want to go . I saw a smaller disk about 20 meters in diameter and some 100 meters away another one. They were floating in midair for a very short time and then disappeared like a hologram. Only a few days later on September 27 th 1996. I felt the urge to return to the same site I found an unusuall scene: It was alet afternoon, cold a disk of 30 meters in diameter was floating about a meter above ground. In front of it were two young man and a woman. The woman was in light blue costume while men were in silvery costumes. They were beautiful to behold. The girl told me that everything was allright and proceded to explain where they were from. They were able to talk to me since they descended from their universe to our vibrational level. They were from the solar system Pleiads 400 light years away. Pleiads consist of 250 stars in the blue nebula, 27 of which are populated over 38 planets. How do they come here?

Universe is multidimensional. They are able to find “tunnels” in space and time continuum and use them as shortcut. Time as we know it does not exist on Pleiads, they do not age. Ship crews are made up of young people who lived on this planet once. The woman I met at Avala is my guide and the information I received in images came from her. Pleiads are evolutionary and technologicaly as well as spiritualy about 17000 years ahead of Earth. They belong to Stellar Federation which will openly contact earth in about 10.000 years. The Earth would then be invited to join the Federation. We can ask ourselves why do they come here? They were here long time ago in oredr to prepare conditions basic for the appearance of life and help the creator in his goal. God set the universe in motion, universe is alive, planets like starts and atomas are born and die. Even Earth itself is a living being which all who have gone through regression know well. During one of the astral jouurneys I travelled to a crystal city which holds yhe Akasha records. Your guide will lead you where you need to go You do not ned to search where you should not go. It’s all a part of the process of education of your soul. My pictures emit a benign ebergy which was confirmed by a well know pendulum detector. They are portal like, if you look at them you pass on ever higher.

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Photos et textes © Dusan PETROVIC

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