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Creations from YOSHITOSHI:

Yoshitoshi Tsukioka is a japanese painter born in 1839. Died in 1892.

He made several painting inspired by the japanese mythology.

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yoshitoshi01a.jpg yoshitoshi02a.jpg yoshitoshi03a.jpg yoshitoshi04a.jpg yoshitoshi05a.jpg
yoshitoshi06a.jpg yoshitoshi07a.jpg yoshitoshi08a.jpg yoshitoshi09a.jpg yoshitoshi10a.jpg
yoshitoshi11a.jpg yoshitoshi12a.jpg yoshitoshi13a.jpg yoshitoshi14a.jpg yoshitoshi15a.jpg
yoshitoshi16a.jpg yoshitoshi17a.jpg yoshitoshi18a.jpg yoshitoshi19a.jpg yoshitoshi20a.jpg
yoshitoshi21a.jpg yoshitoshi22a.jpg yoshitoshi23a.jpg yoshitoshi24a.jpg yoshitoshi25a.jpg
yoshitoshi26a.jpg yoshitoshi27a.jpg yoshitoshi28a.jpg yoshitoshi29a.jpg yoshitoshi30a.jpg

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