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El Oued in Algeria

By: Lionel Allorge

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June 1992. El Oued, Sahara border in Algeria:

This is the edge of the Sahara at El Oued. After thet its miles and miles of sand and dunes up to the horizon.
The intense heat made us flee rapidly...

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Algerie_1992_0001 Algerie_1992_0002 Algerie_1992_0003 Algerie_1992_0004
Algerie_1992_0005 Algerie_1992_0006 Algerie_1992_0007 Algerie_1992_0008
Algerie_1992_0009 Algerie_1992_0010 Algerie_1992_0011 Algerie_1992_0012
Algerie_1992_0013 Algerie_1992_0014 Algerie_1992_0015 Algerie_1992_0016
Algerie_1992_0017 Algerie_1992_0018 Algerie_1992_0019 Algerie_1992_0020
Algerie_1992_0021 Algerie_1992_0022 Algerie_1992_0023 Algerie_1992_0024
Algerie_1992_0025 Algerie_1992_0026 Algerie_1992_0027 Algerie_1992_0028
Algerie_1992_0029 Algerie_1992_0030 Algerie_1992_0031 Algerie_1992_0032
Algerie_1992_0033 Algerie_1992_0034 Algerie_1992_0035 Algerie_1992_0036

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