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NewName 2.0

A Free software by Lionel Allorge

By: Lionel Allorge

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Automatically creates names for your characters, for role playing games, for your pseudonyms or passwords:

The latest version is available here: NewName 3.0.


You can download the program (binaries) here for Windows (595 kb):

You can download the sources here (73 kb):

The free software NewName automaticaly creates lists of random names.

You can choose the number of syllables and then select several parameters.

If the check box Syllables is checked, the program tries to generate syllables made of one consonant, one vowel and one consonant, some consonants are randomly dropped. Else random letters are generated.

The check box "Capitals" select the display of capital letters.

The lists of vowels ans consonants let you choose the letters you want to use. If you want a letter to appear more often, you can add it several times.

The check box "Compound word" allows you to add separator caracters as white space, dash, sharp, etc...

The check box "Numbers" allows you to add numbers to your names.

The check box "Not twice the same letter" force that a letter cannot be followed by the same letter.

You create a new list of 20 names with the button NewName.

If no names are interesting, you can make new lists until you find a name that suits your needs.

You can then select it and copy it to another software.


The installation program was made with a great tool: Inno Setup 1.3

Currently, the program works in English or French. If you want to translate it into another language, please send me a email:

All comments are welcome.



Version 2.0 : Rewriten using wxWidgets for portability. Released under GNU GPL. Added lists of vowels and consonants, Capitals, Not twice the same letter.

Version 1.1 : Added Compound word and Numbers.

Version 1.0 : First public release as freeware.


This program is released under the GNU GPL license.

Please report any comment or bug to: Lionel Allorge

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